Underwater Secrets of Easter Island
Easter Island is as mysterious underwater as it is on the surface. Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, 6000 miles away from the nearest civilization, the island never revealed the secret of Moai statues, some of which you can find underwater too. Due to its solitude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean a very unique underwater fauna and flora grows at the rocky bottom and the coral reefs.

The origin of the island is volcanic, under the sea you can find amazing landscapes of huge cliffs, caves, arcs, rocks and lava platforms. It has a very unique landscape.

Although the temperature of the sea is over 24°C, you can find some coral species similar to those on other Polynesian islands. We can find formations of "Porites Lobata" with more than 16 ft of diameter located at the Hanga Roa bay at 60 ft of depth. The clarity and transparency of the water can reach over 200 ft. of visibility. This amazing visibility is provided due to the low plankton levels and the absence of river, port, sewage system and industrial residue, it is easier to keep the water crystalline and clean.

The uniqueness of the underwater world of Rapa Nui can be expressed in one sentence: Outstanding ledges immersed in a big blue sea with coral and colorful tropical fish. Due to its isolation, about 26 percent of the fish that live in the island are endemic; you can find these species only in these waters. The fauna of this island has more than 160 species distributed among 65 different families. The divers that had the opportunity to submerse and dive in this deep blue sea of Rapa Nui admit that it was one of their best dives and enjoyed an outstanding and unforgettable adventure.

Except from diving you can find all water sport activities on the island like surfing, boat rides, snorkeling, bodyboards, kayaking and more.

Enjoy this amazing and mysterious island!